Tuesday, May 17, 2005

How rich are the Eagles?

Once again, I’ve severely neglected this poor blog. I’m taking over my boss’s job next week and have been slammed with work. I’ll start out in that classic position of still doing my old job while assuming a new job. Yippee.

Anyway, wanted to jot a few random comments down. I can’t seem to turn on the radio without hearing the Eagles these days. Have they just crystallized into the perfect MOR band that doesn’t really excite anyone but mildly entertains many? Don’t get me wrong – I’ve always been an Eagles fan back since the “Witchy Woman” days, saw the Hotel California tour, applauded the addition of Joe Walsh, etc. But this live version of “Hotel California” that is getting airplay these days is downright sleep-inducing. And I can go a long time without hearing Desperado or Lying Eyes again. One good thing: recently heard “Those Shoes” again which is just a wonderfully simple, weird song that makes me smile.

In further musical musings, I’ve decided I never ever need to hear a John Mellencamp song again. I liked Johnny is his petulant youth (before he became the chronicler of middle America) but “Small Town” needs to be forever put to rest and “Pink Houses” could be close behind.

Since seeing Elvis Costello in concert, did some research on “Scarlet Tide,” -- his amplification-free delivery of same was the highlight of the show. I didn’t realize he wrote the song for the “Cold Mountain” soundtrack and that Alison Krauss sang it. It’s an amazing convergence of three of my favorite things: Elvis, Alison, and “Cold Mountain.” Throw in Maureen Dowd and Elisha Cuthbert and it’d be better than Ben & Jerry’s.

Stopped in at Weight Watchers on Sunday. Dropped almost a pound from the last weighing. I’m basically pretty solid in the 159-161 area now. Don’t want to get complacent but really need to work on SLEEP and exercise now. It’s always something.

MAM: 3
Last 4W: 160.4

Last HSW: 159.5