Monday, November 21, 2005


So, checked into Weight Watchers on Saturday and I was down a pound from last month. Last month, I had been up a pound from the month before. So I’m at the same spot I was two months ago which is just fine by me. Mostly, I needed to see something subtractive after three straight months up. Particularly going into the holidays, my momentum was not good.

Had a relatively productive weekend so don’t know why I’m in such a bad mood. Could be lack of sleep. Could be this term paper hanging over my head which is growing increasingly tiresome. Could be starting the slow slide into the holidays, which are supposed to be the joyous time and usually end up extremely stressful and alienating and stupid. Not to mention that sexual frequency drops to near negative levels over the holidays (yes, I’m saying that lack of sex over the holidays can actually retroactively remove pleasure that was had during pre-holiday encounters. Read up on it; there’s been studies.)

In college on days like this, I’d start drinking at around noon, or about 3 hours after I woke up. Now I just start thinking about it at 9am, still about 3 hours after I woke up. I’m thinking lunch will involve a big salad and time spent cruising craft beer web site, and lots of heavy sighs.

MAM: 9
Last 4W: 163.8
Last HSW: 163


Blogger J said...

You got up at 9 AM in college? Jeez, you were motivated.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Kim Ayres said...

Long time, no comment. Everything ok?

4:46 AM  
Blogger Kim Ayres said...

Assuming you're stillalive, Happy New Year Lord Lessismore!

-Sir Man Boobs-

8:10 AM  
Blogger Lord Lessismore said...

Festival Frenzy
Faith, firsts and birth mark the new year in theater
by David Timberline

Maybe it's a carry-over from holiday festivities. Maybe it's simply a marketing ploy to entice people out of their warm houses into dark theaters. Whatever the case, theater companies in Richmond are offering a bevy of festivals to start off the new year, each of which offers something exciting enough to lure even a pedestrian theater lover out into the cold.

By the time you read this, the "Defining Moments" festival, a series of presentations and workshops at the Firehouse Theatre all related in some way to childbirth, will have wrapped up. But right on its heels is the Fourth Annual American Play Festival (Jan. 26-29), also at the Firehouse, which will feature two world premiere plays. With free admission and the ability to vote for which play will win the festival's grand prize, it's a deal that can't be beat.

The clear highlight of the season, the Second Annual Acts of Faith festival, also kicks into gear this month. Almost the entire Richmond theater community has agreed to participate in some way with this festival, the result being an intriguing and electrifying slate of shows playing well into March. Offerings ran the gamut from traditional classics, like "The Miracle Worker" at Swift Creek Mill (Jan. 20 - Mar. 4), to ribald comedies, like "Southern Baptist Sissies" to be produced by the Richmond Triangle Players (Feb. 15 - March 11). If this year's festival is anything like last years, expect plenty of opportunities to sound off on what your reactions are to these shows at talk-back sessions and panel discussions.

Not all of the best theater action will be festival-related this season, though. Theatre IV will present a new adaptation of "The Magic Flute" by local multi-talent Paul Deiss suitable for all ages (Feb. 17 - Mar. 26). And Chamberlayne Actors Theatre mixes things up nicely with the tense family drama, "Three Days of Rain" (Mar. 22 - Apr. 8).

10:08 PM  

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