Friday, November 18, 2005


… and two weeks disappear like that. I was out of town for a week on training and then also working on my first draft for my term paper and then also had to write about three articles for Style and then there was the occasional visits at home to see the wife and kids and such. I guess this is a version of “living life to the fullest” but damn sometimes it seems like letting life run me.

I weighed myself on the Wednesday of my week outa town and I was up to 166, the highest weight since I hit maintenance and the point when alarms starting going off. So I was really good for the rest of the week and weekend and emerged back at 163 last Monday. What I’ve been finding is that, even when I’m not eating outright crap, I’m being less strict about the regular day-to-day stuff: not caring whether dressing or milk is fat free, not eating hardly any fruits or vegetables, letting more and more bread slip down the throat (apparently bread is included in virtually every sandwich there is – who knew?)

Anyway, I’m going to try and run up to WW tonight because I think I’m in a pretty good place now and it’d be good to get the monthly weigh out of the way, as it were. I’m having mixed feelings about the upcoming holidays; I think I’ll do OK food-wise. I’m more worried about alcohol because there’s nothing that makes time with relatives go more smoothly (or alternately, blurrily) than something a little intoxicating (tried morphine once – not a good idea).

I also have a new long-term goal. Next spring will be the 25th anniversary of my high school graduation. I’d love to go to the reunion all fit and trim so all of the formerly hot girls can wish they had stayed in touch with me and waited out all of those years when I was an insufferable asshole to get to this point when I’m a self-realized, hot-looking middle-ager. Ha! Well, at the very least, I’d like to look good for the reunion, hot girls or not.

If anyone's interested in the pieces I did for Style, here's some links:
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