Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Conspiracy of Girl Scout Cookies

Girls scout cookies (GSC) have seasons. There is the GSC spring, a time that happens I think around November, or maybe January, I can’t really remember. That’s the time of year that the little GSC sign-up sheets are everywhere, enticing you with cute little pictures of various multicolored cookies that don’t look like they could have much more than a half-gram of fat each, really, at most. You might even see the occasional table at your grocery store with a variety of pre-adolescent girls clustered around it, the sign-up sheets out and samples offered.

I made it through GSC spring with no problem this year. Those peanut butter patties and thin mints almost broke my resolve but I resisted. But now it’s GSC fall – harvest time – and those cheerful boxes are everywhere, thicker than pumpkins in a patch in October. It’s insidious. I resisted the work boxes for a couple of days. Then, clearing out my daughters’ lunch boxes, what should I find but two boxes squirreled away in there. The little punks had brought the offending substances into the house! There was no way to avoid a thin mint at that point.

And so through the thin mint gateway I went. The next day, those peanut butter patties called out and, having succumbed to a thin little mint, I couldn’t in good conscience eschew the patty. And one patty led to another. And – sweat breaking out on forehead – another. By the end of the afternoon, I had to finish off the patties because I was in danger of spiralling out of control into the shortbreads and the caramel delights.

This time shall pass, I hope, and quickly. But in the meantime, I don’t expect anything significant in the weight loss effort. In fact, the one pound drop I saw at WW last night must be almost completely attributed to the exercise regimen with Sir Chub. I have 2.5 weeks until my one year anniversary of WW Lifetime Membership and 2 more pounds to drop. Should be a cake walk, as long as I can muster the will to walk past any cakes I see…

YAM: 1.1
Last HSW: 164
Last 4W: 166.2


Blogger Don Q. said...

I think the Girl Scouts are in cohoots with the Weight Watchers people. The connection is way at the top above the eyes of mere mortals and governmental agencies. The Illuminati are no doubt involved.

1:56 PM  
Blogger Kim Ayres said...

hmmmmmm... coooookieeesssss... aaaaaaggggghhhhhhhmmmmmmmm

2:34 PM  
Blogger Sarachkah said...

There were Girl Scouts at LOWE'S this weekend! LOWE'S! I mean, Ukrops, Kroger, sure. You can steel yourself in advance. But when you're going to Lowe's for the 8,000th time to get paint chips, how can you resist a box of Samoas? How can you?

(you can't).

7:47 PM  

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