Friday, March 03, 2006


What is it about people that causes them to set goals? From where comes that empty, itchy feeling inside that compels us to look beyond our current circumstances, regardless of how comfy cozy they may be, and imagine something more or better or different? Some have speculated that original sin springs from this urge, that it was our desire to see beyond the garden that caused mankind’s fall. Others have placed the onus on God; why would God instill this impetuous, curious spirit in us if s/he/they hadn’t wanted us to strive, create, explore, pursue, constantly do more?

It could be hormones: that comfortable resigned feeling of the retired could be just those compulsive chemicals fading into the sunset. But I’d say, given the curmudgeonly nature of many of the aged, that more likely there is a growing tension as you get older between the still vital desire to look for new challenges and the physical/lifestyle limitations to pursuing them.

This is the road my mind is traveling as I consider both Lent – during which Sir Chubalot has regularly aspired toward some goal – and the one year anniversary of my lifetime membership in Weight Watchers. I had decided that I was going to give up late nights for Lent, given that lack of sleep has become such a recurring theme for me that I’m sick of the sound of it. There’s been two Lenten nights so far and I’m 1 for 2. Not a great percentage.

I had also decided that for the WW anniversary I was going to try to get back down to the weight I was at when I got my membership, which was 162. I decided this when I was at 165. Yesterday I weighed in I was at 167. Not the direction I was hoping for.

So why set goals? Maybe just out of a self-flagellating sense of vain hope and incompetence?

Here were my stats at weigh in last Sunday:
Last HSW: 165
Last 4W: 167.2


Blogger Don Q. said...

Those gradual school classes are starting to show. I had never thought to link the urge to aspire with original sin. Pretty big talk from a guy who can't keep his raisins away from mice.

11:24 AM  

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